Researching a new furnace for my home

When I decided to replace the furnace in my home, I took the time to research the different models on the current market.

  • I looked into the options and warranties offered by the most well-known manufacturers.

There are now smart systems that automatically make adjustments in the speed of operation to maximize comfort and energy savings. They connect to wifi for remote access through an app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. These advanced heating systems allow for zoned temperature control to accommodate the requirements of each particular room. I’d be able to customize temperature in those areas that tend to be chilly or overheated. I wouldn’t spend the money heating a bunch of empty rooms. I realized that the top manufacturers all offer the same basic AFUE ratings, features and warranties. The most important aspect of a new furnace is proper sizing calculations and installation procedures. If the HVAC contractor doesn’t take the time to figure out the specific heating load of the house and simply installs the same sized furnace as I have now, the unit would be too large. This is because I’ve taken quite a few energy saving measures. I’ve made home improvements such as new windows, a new front door, insulation, weatherstripping and caulking. I’ve reduced energy waste and could definitely get by with a smaller furnace. If the heating system were oversized, it would fail to reach peak efficiency levels, short cycle and cost me more to operate. So I switched to researching the local HVAC contractors. I read reviews and checked for companies that are factory authorized and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I also chose a company that backs their work with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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