Upgrading to a smart thermostat is a big improvement

I recently invested into a new thermostat for my home.

We’d been getting by with the manual thermostat that was already installed when we moved in.

The device was already outdated ten years ago. It was nothing more than a plastic dial we turned to set the temperature. Because of the location of the thermostat, we had to turn it way down to cool the house in the summer and way up to heat in the winter. The device was situated right near one of the supply vents and got hit by heated or cooled air whenever the system started up. When I started researching the different thermostat options on the market, I was surprised by the variety of shapes, sizes, features and price ranges. I knew that I’d need an HVAC contractor to help me choose a model suited to my specific furnace and air conditioner and to handle the installation. I had the contractor move the control to a more advantageous location. Plus, I spent the extra money for a smart thermostat that connects to the internet. It is extremely convenient to be able to make adjustments to temperature through an app on my phone. I chose a thermostat with learning capabilities, so I rarely need to make any changes. For the first week following setup, the thermostat kept track of any adjustments my family made and then created a program according to our typical schedule. Now, it automatically raises or lowers the temperature setting to accommodate when we leave in the morning, return home in the evening and head to bed. The thermostat has greatly improved our comfort level and significantly reduced my energy bills.


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