No a single to turn to when the lights went out.

The lights were out for almost a week when the last big snowstorm went through our area.

I hated when the lights went out for so long. I suppose it is the worst thing that can happen when you live alone. There is no a single to turn to who will tell you that everything is okay. When the lights went out while in the last storm, our emergency lighting didn’t turn on. The generator wasn’t working as well as that meant our essential appliances wouldn’t work either. I had no heating without the electricity to keep it running. I was sitting in the home with a blanket wrapped around me. I couldn’t charge our PC to find out when the power would come on. I couldn’t get the news without the generator. I had to call someone, however our PC was dead. I sat in the home wrapped up in blankets as well as just relaxed. When sun came, I knew I would recognize so much better. I could see what was outside as well as hopefully I would be able to get outside as well as work on the generator. I had no plan what to look for in the generator, despite the fact that I was a person for Pete’s sake. I bundled up in our blankets, as well as pretended I was in bed with the gas furnace running to keep me warm. I was able to sleep the entire evening. When I woke up, I was able to get outside. My associate was cleaning off his sidewalk as well as he gave me his PC to use. I called the Heating as well as A/C company as well as asked them if they would send out someone to work on our generator.

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