I almost messed up my neighbor's HVAC unit

Wow, I had a really close call.

So, when I was shopping with my brother, I noticed they had some leftover fireworks, probably from the 4th of July.

I always loved things that explode, so I decided to buy a bundle. I planned on just going home starting a barbeque and watching them explode. I bought the kind that shoots off into the sky, and I looked forward to seeing the explosions. Once I was done eating, I started the fireworks and stood a few feet back. I had lit three, just to see them all explode at the same time. One shot up in the air, but I guess it ran out of energy or something, because before I knew it, it whizzed past me and into my neighbor’s yard. Then I heard an explosion and suddenly part of my neighbor’s yard was on fire! I quickly rushed and grabbed my fire extinguisher and put it out, but ever since then I have been getting dirty looks from my neighbor. Thankfully, my neighbor didn’t call the cops, and when I checked on the A/C in the morning, it seemed okay. The grass next to the cooling system however, was black. I would much rather the grass be burned than the air conditioning unit itself, because a HVAC repair or worse, a new HVAC installation would be insanely expensive, and I can’t even afford paying for my own HVAC system, much less someone else’s! I don’t think I’ll be shooting off fireworks anytime soon.
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