More tech advance for HVAC

I have a respect for all of the tech advances.

It’s just that I do it from the sideline mostly.

Complete technological immersion just isn’t my style. That might cut into my relaxing in the HVAC time. I certainly depend on my phone and all the other common tools of this age. It’s just that I adapt to them more than I seek them out. I was first introduced to computers way back in high school. That was back when you had to have a floppy disc. However, as I aged and my job incorporated technological advances, I got onboard. And that learning curve continues to steepen the longer I work. By no means is my career IT based. It’s just that I had to get a lot more comfortable with the advent of technology being vital in me doing my job. But, it has been amazing to watch the rapid advances in our ability to leverage technology. Actually, it has been quite staggering to me. I am sort of one of those people who does his job in order to get home to the comfort of the HVAC. Recently, I added some tech to that HVAC. I had the HVAC company to my house in order to install a smart thermostat. I had heard about it for several years. It’s just that I wanted to be sure all the bugs were worked out prior to buying one. But I have to say that I have found the HVAC smart thermostat to be quite remarkable. From the very first, it has saved us almost 20 percent in HVAC related utility costs. I can’t believe how much more precisely it manages the HVAC output.


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