My home is really cold without a heater to use

My house is so freezing without my space heater; I just really need a modern space heater! My old space heating system is making me pretty nervous! The space heating system is almost twenty years old. I am not sure that it is safe at all. I don’t want to use a space heating system because I am unsure if it will start a fire in my house or not. It would be odd if I only used the space heating system during the afternoon when I was awake, although I actually use it during the evening which really scares me. If I were to wake up and the heating system was on fire, I would easily panic and have a heart attack or something as bad as that. I just don’t understand what to do. I could spend the money on a modern space heater, however that would mean that I would not be able to afford to get my Dad a birthday gift. I think that if it were up to him, he would truly tell me to just get a modern heating system instead of getting him a birthday present. I really want to get him a birthday present though. I think that a heating system is more practical, however his love language is gift giving, then having a modern heating system would be really nice. My house is always colder than sixty degrees, and that is just too freezing for my liking. I hope to get a modern heating system soon so that I don’t have to be freezing all of the time in my house. It is a taxing decision to make, although I am leaning towards getting myself a modern heating system and skipping on the birthday present.

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