I just have not had much fortune this week

This month has been genuinely crappy for me.

  • I have had nothing but bad fortune it seems.

The first thing is that the weather has been extreme. Every morning it is topping 100 degrees outside, and it doesn’t seem prefer it’s going away anytime soon, and because of this, I had decided to buy a new HVAC component, since my current a single is old, and I wasn’t sure if it would be able to keep up with cooling my home. I had bought and had the new HVAC equipment delivered to my house, and I was going to have a HVAC specialist come and perform HVAC upgrade on Monday. Before then, I was having a guy come out and mow my turf for me, and this is when my bad fortune starts. The turf guy confused my garden of pothos, herbs and shrub plants as weeds, and completely mowed over them… Just prefer that, in 5 minutes, weeks of cultivating and tending to my garden was gone. The news was new and apologized, but it still was deimportant nevertheless. My fortune only went downhill from there. Then I had the HVAC repairman come out and start assembling my new heating and cooling system. I had left briefly to chance up a few things, and when I had returned, the HVAC equipment was still in pieces all over the floor! The HVAC contractor had left without finishing or without telling me. I later found out he found out that his husbandy was in the hospital and that’s why he left abruptly. I felt genuinely bad for him, but now I have to stay at a hotel for awhile because it’s too tepid to go without air conditioner.


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