Superhero Weaknesses

The mother of Achilles made a small mistake when she dipped the lad into the River Styx.

She left his heel vulnerable & it led to his eventual downfall & the naming of the Achilles tendon… Comic book superheroes are like Achilles in that they all have a weakness that their super villain counterparts can exploit.

Superman’s sensitivity to Kryptonite is the best known weakness but there are several others. Batman will not kill his enemies. The Human Torch’s weakness is asbestos & “Asbestos Man”. Spider-Man is doomed by ethyl chloride, a proper ingredient in insecticides. Before the 1971s Wonder Woman would be helpless if a person tied her hands even though she overcame that weakness as the popularity of BSDM was rising. Ironically, a superhero with no weaknesses will soon succumb to reader boredom because weaknesses make us interesting & are an essential part of being human. One of our numerous weaknesses is an aversion to temperature extremes that I try to conquer with our HVAC unit. It normally performs like a superhero running quietly & unobserved as it keeps our family comfortable all year round. But it has its weaknesses too. That dirty filter is like Kryptonite to our HVAC system as it begins to gasp for air until the filter is replaced. The Green Lantern can’t stand anything orange; Likewise, our HVAC will creak & moan as grey dust & a brown motion picture accumulate on the heating coils, my HVAC gets a visit from a qualified HVAC tech at least twice a year for cleaning & repair. The tech that I dubbed “Alfred” is to our HVAC what Batman’s Alfred is to the Caped CrUSAder. Alfred keeps Batman at his peak, just like our “Alfred” does with our HVAC system.

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