They say a single thing & do another

I have not had the best of advantage with repair gentlemen in our local area! Especially plumbers.

It seems when plumbers say they are going to be to your condo for an appointment they never seem to show up on time.

They are typically a half an hour to an hour late! However, when it comes to heating & air conditioner specialists that is a totally unusual story. It seems that the local heating & air conditioner specialists are the only repair people in our local section that I have had any lucky with. Any time I have a problem with our central heating & cooling component I can call our local independent Heating & A/C contractor or even the local heating & air conditioner contractor & they will typically be prompt & on time! There is never an issue. And the labor they do on our central heating & air conditioner proposal is typically top of the line. But getting back to the plumbers, they typically seem to have some excuse as to why they are late or why they made a mistake while fixing something. They typically say a single thing & do another. While the heating & air conditioner specialists do the absolute reverse & go above & beyond the call of duty. If only these darn plumbers could take lesson from the heating & air conditioner specialists things would be a lot easier with the repair industry in our area! And it is not just the plumbers…it is even the electrical service men, the fridge service men, etc. Heating & A/C people are the only fine a singles!

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