I work for a commercial cleaning dealer

I have worked for the same commercial cleaning business for the past 10 years; While I would say most of the things I see are fairly normal, there are some absolutely odd and gross people out there! A great example is my friend Adam. Adam used to get cleaning repair from another carpet cleaning company all of the time. At first I thought this was a great idea, it’s great to see people taking interest in their flooring, and making them look cleaner and better, then but one time when Adam’s official company cleaning repair was shut down for maintenance, he came to my floor cleaning business, however i was sent out to his house, which wasn’t any issue since he lived right next to myself and others and I have been to his home before. All of the other times I have been to his house, it looked normal, but I am guessing that’s because he had commercial carpet cleaning repair beforehand. When I walked into his home and saw his carpet I was appalled. The best way I could describe how it looked, is that it looked love he released a thoUnited Statesnd wild animals in his condo separate from any way out, but stuff was on the floor and outdated food was still left out. The worst was the carpet though. The carpet, which was originally a tan colour, was now a deep shade of brown. I truthfully was scared to recognize what that might be from. When I got to cleaning it, tears formed in my eyeah from the foul smell that was unleashed from those stains. It was horrible, and I couldn’t wait to get out of there… On the bright side, his carpet was back to mostly normal looking.



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