New Heating and Air Conditioning supplier makes mistake but fixes it

Our a/c stopped working 1 night. My respected Heating and Air Conditioning supplier wasn’t available to repair it until the following morning so I called a odd Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. This up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was really small but they had pretty nice reviews, but plus, they were able to come out within an minute so I decided to hire them. The professional showed up and got right to work. Apparently a motor in my a/c was burned out so he updated it. I was cheerful about this and paid him and he left. However, by bedtime my apartment still had not cooled down much. The air was super cold by the vents but it wasn’t spreading throughout the house. By morning it was still boiling and the a/c still wasn’t working right so I went outside to look it over. That is when I observed that the fan blades were spinning in the wrong direction. I called back the little Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. The owner of the supplier came out himself and looked over the situation. Soon thereafter the a/c started really working well. The person said that his employee had hooked the motor up backwards and that’s why the fans were going the wrong way. That is also why the entire a/c wasn’t working right. I care about the honesty. I wish my a/c had been fixed right the first time but it is working right now. Also the owner refunded my repair fee so I care about that. I think I will use this supplier again. They seem to be even-handed folks.

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