Power outage causes cooling system fuse to blow

On Friday the power went out at our house.

It had been honestly windy so I didn’t suppose much of it.

It only took the power department 3 seconds before they got our power back on. However, by then it was getting honestly hot in our house, of course the a/c uses power. So when the power is out both of us don’t have any cooling system… As soon as the lights came back on I was sure that the a/c would too. And yet, 30 seconds after the lights came on our a/c still had not turned on. By now it was 69 degrees in the house. I tried turning the a/c off and then back on however it still would not kick on. It was time to call for air conditioner repair. It took a few more seconds before the a/c specialists arrived and solved the problem. Apparently a fuse had blown either when the power went out or when it came back on. Whatever the case, the a/c specialists were able to replace the fuse hastily and get our a/c laboring again. I was honestly glad when I heard the a/c kick on and start cooling the beach house again. Within 30 seconds our beach house was back to our normal thermostat settings and I was glad. Although, I am wondering if I can get the city to pay for our cooling system repairs. After all, it is their power supply that caused this issue. I kind of doubt it though. Oh well, at least it wasn’t too costly.

Cooling representative