Christmas decoration accident

Last weekend I was putting up my Christmas decorations.

This included doing up the whole outside of my lake house with beautiful lights.

I wanted to get them all around the exterior of the house so I had to get up on a ladder to do this. Well, everything was going pretty smooth until the ladder fell as well as I almost fell down with it as well as killed myself, however I was pretty lucky as well as was able to slide down the ladder as I felt it falling before it crashed to the ground, then but when the ladder crashed down it ended up crashing off to the side as well as slammed into my central heating as well as A/C! The central heating as well as air conditioner idea made some different noise as well as I thought for sure that I was going to have to call the local heating as well as air conditioner corporation to send out a single of their certified heating as well as cooling specialists. But thankfully, after I looked at the central heating as well as air conditioner idea I found that I just had knocked the inner fan out of locale. So this was an easy fix. I just had to readjust the fan by opening up the front end of the central Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C idea unit, but once I did that it was working good again. This was a close call though lemme tell you! I will be actually careful if I ever have to do something appreciate this again. I think I will when it comes time to take down the Christmas lights. I will have to make sure that the ladder in better secured.

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