Don’t put your PC tower on the heated floor

Thankfully no permanent damage was done to the modern PC

My sister and I chipped in and got our parents a modern PC for Hanukah. They had a PC that is almost 20 years old. I think PCs last a long time if you only use them to keep up with the grandadolescents on social media. Well, the 20 year outdated PC has been having some complications lately so both of us finally decided it was time to get them a modern a single. My father insisted that she could hook up the modern PC himself and that I didn’t need to hire someone to do it. She hooked up the outdated PC so I figured she could manage. However, a month after receiving the PC our Dad called and said that the modern PC had stopped toiling. That was quick. I called over a PC serviceman to go repair it. That is when I found out that our parents had venued the PC tower on the floor. This wouldn’t be an issue except that they have radiant floors and they like to keep the control component set well over 77 degrees. The PC was overheating every time it was turned on, then no wonder it didn’t work. I would struggle to toil too if I was kneeling on those radiant floors all day. I don’t assume how the outdated PC lasted so long on those radiant floors. Thankfully no permanent damage was done to the modern PC. The serviceman moved the tower off of the radiant floors and onto the desk. Now the PC is toiling nice again so our parents can keep up with the grandadolescents.

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