Shocking the Church Ladies

Eight-year-olds can have a bit of a mean streak in them & I confess that our friend Billy & I were charter members in that group.

Both of us modeled our pranks on the antics of The Three Stooges where they would bring high-brow civilization girls & gentlemen to the level of a pie fight. Both of us knew both of us would never pull that off, but both of us discovered a way to vex the elderly church girls where our parents made us go every Sunday. Billy & I would wait until a cool, crisp, & dry Fall Sunday would roll around. Both of us wore our rubber-soled shoes to church & would shuffle along the carpet building up a static charge. Then both of us would sneak up & touch one of the old church girls & howl with laughter as they would let out a shriek as the spark discharged. Both of us carried on with our “Spark Gang” for a few years but one day both of us discovered that our trick did not work anymore. Both of us observed that it seemed to coincide with the upgrade of a up-to-date HVAC system that the church had recently installed. The system serviced respected humidity to the air & thus eliminated the static charge putting the “Spark Gang” out of business. Both of us also observed that the church was more comfortable than before & that seemed to be a calming influence on rambunctious kids. That HVAC allowed us to sit quietly through the repair & perhaps both of us even l gained something from the sermons. And at least I could still shock our sister at house until Dad decided to install our central HVAC system at home. HVAC sure ruined a lot of fun for gentlemen but today they have video games I could never have imagined.

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