The undefined in my van is not working well

The in my van is not working well.

I entirely wish that I could figure out where the leak is in the air conditioner line of my van. I have looked several times, although I can’t seem to find the leak in the air conditioner line in my van. I was hoping to be able to find the leak in the line last week, although I have not been able to find the leak so far. I looked for a few hours. I even tried using the dye stuff that is supposed to help you locate the leak in your air conditioner line! Well, it didn’t help myself and others because I was not able to find the leak. It must be a entirely small leak anywhere. I keep charging my , and it will last about two weeks on a single charge. I am not exactly sure how giant of a leak that means I have, although I assume that it is not that bad. I entirely want to get the air conditioner line replaced or at least have the leak patched, although I just cannot afford to have a mechanic do it. I will have to replace the air conditioner line myself although I am afraid that it will be way too much work. I entirely hope that a friend of mine comes over and helps myself and others out, but he has been entirely tied up with labor lately, and I don’t want to even ask him to help myself and others until he gets a little less busy. Hopefully, I will be able to get my air conditioner fixed in my van soon because it is so overheated in there.

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