Listening to the HVAC pro really paid off

I think I tend to really pay attention to some people while just about totally tuning out some others.

  • It’s pretty easy really.

If you are the type of person who talks just to hear themselves talk, I probably am just nodding at you. If you are a person who I respect and is thoughtful, I am listening. This distinction has served me fairly well over the years. The HVAC is a great example of that discernment in action. I noticed over the course of about a year that the HVAC unit just wasn’t meeting the demand like it was supposed to. The HVAC was running much more than it had ever done before. A neighbor told me told me that I could take care of that myself. He recommended that I just go get a DIY recharge kit for the HVAC. That’s right when I stopped listening. My neighbor is a good enough guy but he is also a blowhard that has made some very questionable life choices. Instead, I called the HVAC professionals to have the situation checked out. Turns out that that it was not any sort of refrigerant recharge issue. The fact of the matter was that my HVAC unit was winding down. This was one of the key signs that the HVAC was not going to last much longer. This, I listened to. And, it’s a good thing I did. The heads up I got from the HVAC folks allowed be to prepare for a replacement instead of being hit with it all at once.
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