When winter comes, don’t forget about the HVAC air conditioning

Our winter can beat down the toughest of people if you’re not prepared.

There have been many new neighbors who packed it all up and moved after just one winter up here.

The winter mean business in this region. That’s why I make the HVAC a major priority. We have a furnace as our primarily HVAC heating method. Of course, I back that up with a wood stove. The wood stove also helps supplement the heat and knock down the HVAC heating costs a good bit. But, that is a bonus. I wouldn’t really want to live up here if all we had was the wood stove. So, I make sure that our furnace gets the proper attention. After the winter, I have the HVAC people come out and perform the post winter shutdown procedure. Then in the fall, I have them back out to service and prepare the furnace for the long, cold winter ahead. We do have summer around here and it is normally just magnificent. With all the cold we put up with, the short summer is a nice bit of payback. Recently, my wife talked me into adding HVAC air conditioning to the mix. This is something I find to be a bit of a luxury. However, I have to admit it sure is nice during the steamy afternoons we get in the summer months. However, that is something else that I now have to prepare for winter. The HVAC condenser cabinet sits outside all winter. Left alone, it would end up with many pounds of snow and ice piled up on it. And it would be there for months at a time. But, I take care of that part of the HVAC with a hard plastic shell that fits right over it.

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