Certain parts of the story were missing

I’m in quite a pickle right now due to an incident that occurred at work.

  • During the day I work as an HVAC repair technician.

I don’t normally have a lot of interaction or trouble with customers, but I had a particularly unique and odd situation occur last week. I responded to an HVAC service call for help with an air conditioner. Nothing seemed unordinary about the repair call until the woman opened the door in a nightgown. I often see customers in their pajamas when they have early morning repairs scheduled, but the woman looked like she was ready for a night on the town. I thought it was inappropriate for an appointment with the service technician. I even asked the lady if she wanted me to step outside while she put on a robe. She laughed and invited me inside instead. As soon as I was on the other side of the door I started to ask about the HVAC repair. I asked her to describe the problems he was having with the air conditioner. She told me that I could slow down and take my time. I politely told the woman that I had a very busy day and I was ready to tackle her repair as soon as I could. She took me to the area where the air conditioner is located and we were alone in a room that did not seem to have any additional entrances. The whole situation was totally uncomfortable and I did my best to repair the air conditioner and leave without incident. When I got back to the shop after the repair, I found out that the lady called my boss and told him that I made an inappropriate pass at her.

a/c workman