Power outage causes A/C fuse to blow

After all, it is their power supply that caused this issue

On Saturday the power went out at my house. It had been very windy so I didn’t think much of it. It only took the power department 3 hours before they got our power back on. However, by then it was getting very warm in my house. Of course the air conditioner uses power. So when the power is out we don’t have any A/C. As soon as the lights came back on I was sure that the air conditioner would too. And yet, 30 minutes after the lights came on our air conditioner still had not turned on. By now it was 78 degrees in the house. I tried turning the air conditioner off and then back on but it still would not kick on. It was time to call for air conditioning repair. It took a few more hours before the air conditioner technicians arrived and solved the problem. Apparently a fuse had blown either when the power went out or when it came back on. Whatever the case, the air conditioner technicians were able to replace the fuse quickly and get my air conditioner working again. I was very happy when I heard the air conditioner kick on and start cooling the house again. Within 30 minutes my house was back to my normal thermostat settings and I was happy. Although, I am wondering if I can get the city to pay for my A/C repairs. After all, it is their power supply that caused this issue. I kind of doubt it though. Oh well, at least it wasn’t too expensive.

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