We love our wild pups

My co-worker and I recently went to install a new heat pump plus Last monthand the owner of the house had 2 honestly sizable pets, however the pets seemed friendly until I came in the house.

They snarled plus growled plus even started to howl.

I told the owner of the house that he had to put the pets up plus he insisted that they were friendly and were posing very little threat to our co-worker plus I, then all of us had to walk in plus out of the house on several unusual chances to task on the replacement work. I was honestly anxious about the pets’ erratic behavior, especially when their owner did not seem to have much control. The guy was doing his best to tell the pet to stand plus the pet was mauling him instead, when he was trying to get the pet to go to the family room, the pet looked like it was getting ready to attack. The pet made myself and others feel rather uncomfortable so our co-worker plus I tried to task as quickly as possible to install the new heat pump plus separate from any troubles. All of us had to walk in and out of the house random times and I kept telling our coworker to ignore the pet. I think the owner of the house was trying to terrify us when he walked by with the pooch off a leash. It was honestly a single of the most uncomfortable situations that I have had to deal with in a long time plus I absolutely would have left if I worked for myself instead of a corporation.

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