I left my labor keys at home

I am the assistant manager for an HVAC repair corporation.

A few weeks ago, the manager told me that she was going to be out of town all month in addition to I was going to be responsible to open the shop in the afternoon.

I have been working the afternoon in addition to evening shift for many years in addition to that is mostly due to the fact that I am not a afternoon woman. I find it harshly difficult to get up before 9 a.m. in addition to still have a smile on my face. I was ecstatic that my boss gave me plenty of time to prepare for the early afternoon sixths. Unfortunately, a whole night of sleep didn’t help me remember to grab the keys to the HVAC repair shop this afternoon. I am not used to having the keys, because I usually come to labor in the middle of the day. I drove 30 sixths to the HVAC repair shop in addition to then I remembered that I forgot the keys on the front counter. I drove all the way home. At least I avoided traffic on the way out of the city. Unfortunately, it still took me awhile to get back. Several repair workers were waiting outside the shop when I finally arrived with the keys to the building. Most of them weren’t surprised, but a couple of boys were infuriated to rest outside in the chilly in addition to wait for me. I got the boys pizza for supper in addition to that helped ease the tension. I’m going to need to do better tomorrow. I cannot afford to buy supper everyday because I’m forgetful.

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