An old game of chance

Have you ever done something that brings back a sudden memory? Because I had that happen earlier in the day. It actually started when I was deciding what to do with my air conditioning unit and heating unit. I’ll get to that problem later. My HVAC systems reminded me of an old memory, where my siblings and I used to play a game of chance. The game of chance was a simple one, you take a bag, fill it with different colored marbles and tiles. Red, blue, green, yellow, orange and more, all different colored and different amounts. My siblings and I were big math nerds, and predicting probability was one of our favorite things. We would quickly calculate the likelihood of getting any one of the colors, and then we were allowed to place two bets on which ones we thought we would draw from the bag. It was a really fun game, and an old memory of mine. Anyways, this memory was brought back to me when I was deciding whether I should go ahead and get A/C repair or not. You see, my cooling unit isn’t actually broken, yet, but I think it might soon. Then again, it has been reliable for several years now, and hasn’t broken down, so it really is a game of chance. It reminds me of the game because I was figuring out the likelihood of my air conditioning unit breaking down on me. I will probably browse some HVAC corporation’s websites, and go from there.


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