House is much cheaper without kids at home

My daughter was moving out for college and my wife and I were admittedly quite upset about it. We couldn’t believe that our little baby was old enough to be moving out on her own. It seems like just yesterday she was learning to walk in her poopy diaper. We honestly couldn’t comprehend how old we had gotten in relation to all of our children flying out of the nest. It felt empty and strange in the house without all of those little feet running around. However, with time we’ve realized that it has been a huge benefit for our kids to move out. Not only do we have time to ourselves, but we have money thanks to our lower energy bills. I guess I never realized before that our children contributed heavily to our excessive heating, cooling, and air quality control costs. When they were little kids all of my children insisted on having extremely warm indoor air. This means all day we were continually messing with the thermostat to try to find the ideal indoor air temperature settings. As I got older, things didn’t get any cheaper because the kids were constantly adjusting the indoor air temperature control planning on their own. They knew how to use the thermostat and we couldn’t keep their hands away from the central heating and cooling control. Together, this additional HVAC usage and chaotic thermostat programming contributed to excessive heating and cooling system wear and tear. Since the kids have been out of the house we’ve had lower energy bills and 0 emergency heating and cooling repair appointments. Maybe they should have left sooner.