My husband is a bit of a mess

I love my husband, but he has many flaws and is a bit of a mess.

Every morning he is always sleeping in, past the time he was supposed to get up and get ready for work.

If it wasn’t for me, he would have been late for work many times by now. I usually get him up, make him an early morning breakfast, and watch him as he is practically strangling his tie to get it on, and then out the door he goes. We leave a very traditional life, with him working most of the day and bringing home the bacon. While I do most of the household chores, cleaning and cooking. There is one other thing that I ask him to look after, which is the heating and air conditioning system. Unfortunately, it seems like my husband has memory issues, and our poor heating and cooling system often ends up neglected. I even bought post notes to stick around the house to help remind him, but somehow they get lost around the house and he doesn’t end up getting it done. I even set a reminder on the phone to remind him for routine HVAC maintenance and for a while that actually worked. Both the heater and A/C were getting cleaned and getting the maintenance they needed, then my husband got a new phone and didn’t set a reminder, so we were back to square one. I needed to find a solution to this problem, otherwise our HVAC unit probably would break. So, I started leaving notes where I know he couldn’t miss them, like on his bed and taped to his phone, that way he would have to remember. Hopefully this will work better than the post notes.

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