Ductless heat pump provides zoned heating and cooling

My house is extremely old, really big and has been remodeled multiple times.

The layout has been reconfigured with walls getting removed and a screened in porch getting walled in.

The setup of the duct system hasn’t changed. Because of this, certain areas of the house lack sufficient vents to maintain a comfortable temperature. There is one central thermostat for the entire house. If I raise the setting to accommodate the chilly living room or overheated bedrooms, the rest of the house gets way too hot or cold. This also forces the furnace and air conditioner to work extra hard and use up a lot of energy. I’ve looked into zone control but the heating and cooling system is simply too old. The cost of replacing everything is downright astronomical. I needed a way to target temperature control to specific rooms. After some research, I decided to install a ductless multi-split system. This type of heat pump incorporates into the home without a huge, messy and invasive installation process. All it needs is three-inch holes in an exterior wall for the conduit that links the indoor air handlers with the outdoor compressor. An individual air handler mounts on the wall of the various rooms and provides both heating and cooling. Despite the compact size of the equipment, ductless systems are exceptionally powerful. The system is also wonderfully clean, quiet and energy efficient. I’m now able to adjust temperature through a cordless remote and each room is perfectly comfortable. The ductless air handlers even combat excess humidity in the summer and filter contaminants out of the air.
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