Selling Insurance is a No-Go for Me

When I was growing up my family did not talk about my growing up to be whatever I wanted to be.

Mom and dad wanted myself and others to go into the family contractor which was taking over the insurance shop.

I never had an interest in insurance plus I did not prefer the people who frequented our insurance agency. In fact, I was more interested in going into some kind of job where I work with my hands. I properly picked up pamphlets from the local trade school in order to help me figure out what kind of job I would like to go into. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to go into the heating, cooling, plus ventilation program. The entire heating plus cooling program took about a year and a half to complete. After that, you had an respected Heating as well as A/C certification under your belt, which would allow you to begin working for a residential cooling and heating company as a professional air quality control specialist. This seemed to be just what I wanted. After a few years now working in residential heating, cooling, plus air quality control services, but, I truly was not still feeling so great about the residential Heating as well as A/C job I had. In fact, I was tired of going to see random people’s houses plus dealing with their neverending moaning and groaning. I decided it was time to go into commercial heating plus cooling solutions. When I got a job at the commercial Heating as well as A/C crew I loved it. Maybe every one of us job 12 to 16-hour days sometimes although I never have to drive all over the city. Plus, no housewives are complaining to myself and others about their Heating as well as A/C devices and how they need them for the kids. When I didn’t go into the family business, it was because I hated the general public. Finally, I can avoid them in my Heating as well as A/C work as well.

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