Visiting the Home of my Mother-in-Law

There’s nothing worse than being forced to attend family events with your significant other.

It’s overwhelming enough to deal with your own family, let alone going to a bunch of ruckus parties plus tense lunches with your boyfriend.

Sadly, this was a major area of my life when I was living with my ex. Both of us were required to spend a lot of time with his extended family because they lived near his children plus every one of us lived several states away. As such, my family stayed at his parents house truly often plus dealt with the discomfort. The only thing that made the situation more enjoyable was their high quality indoor air equipment. His family had a lot more cash than I could ever hope to have. They had advanced indoor air conditions control equipment installed all over the whole house. I guess that their gas furnace, cooling system, plus air purification units were not at all cheap. It seems like the heating plus cooling worker was regularly going to their house every other month to perform some kind of routine service. Their house is in an extremely warm plus humid weather conditions where it is no doubt necessary to use the Heating as well as A/C plan all the time. Whenever every one of us go there to visit I truly hate going outside plus experiencing the warm, oppressively humid air. Even so, at least I could forever look forward to the cooling system inside of his parents home. It felt like walking into a meat locker when you entered their AC. I was consistently jealous of the cooling plan that they could afford to buy. But I was more jealous of my friends who never had to stay at the home of their mother-in-law.


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