Boyfriend can’t keep up on vacation

My boyfriend, Marty and I recently took a two-week vacation together.

We visited three different countries with plans to experience the unique landscape and culture of each.

I had done a ton of research prior to the trip. I had worked out lengthy hikes at each location along our route. The entire trip was based around hiking to various sites such as waterfalls, plateaus, ancient ruins and up mountain paths to appreciate the view. Since fitness is a regular part of my life, I didn’t need to do a lot to physically prepare for the trip. I work out every single day, for at least an hour. I go for six-mile runs, ride my bicycle, lift weights and incorporate all different types of strenuous exercises. I make sure to thoroughly warm up, cool down and prioritize flexibility and balance. Marty never works out. His job is extremely sedentary. He spends his day sitting in a chair at a desk, staring at a computer monitor and typing on a keyboard. When he’s not working, he tends to sit on the couch and watch television. I warned him that the trip would be very physically demanding. I urged him to work out and get in better shape. He assured me that he’d be just fine. After two days of vacation and hours of hiking, Marty was wrecked. He complained that his feet, knees and hips ached. He was tired and cranky. He had no energy to continue. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t about to let his lack of fitness ruin my trip. I ended up leaving him behind at the hotel. I completed the hikes on my own. By the time we got home from our vacation, we were no longer speaking to each other.



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