Corporate wellness program changes my life

After graduating college, I was extremely fortunate to get a job in my field.

  • I had a ton of student loans to pay off.

I also had a car payment, rent and various living expenses to cover on a very small salary. I needed to focus, be productive and work toward a promotion and raise in pay. I put in lots of overtime and was rewarded. As my job responsibilities increased, there was less free time for myself. I quit working out and was not as conscientious about my diet. Since I was spending long hours sitting at a desk, working on a computer, I was rather sedentary. It didn’t take long to start having issues with aching joints, sore back and headaches. I also gained weight and became unhappy with my appearance. My poor diet choices caused problems with my digestive system and even affected my skin. I began having difficulty sleeping at night and getting up in the morning was a struggle. Realizing I was sinking into depression and facing some serious health consequences, I finally spoke with my boss. I explained that I needed to either take a leave of absence or quit my job. He told me that he’d already started looking into a corporate wellness program and asked if I’d want to organize it. I researched options and benefits of corporate wellness programs and got excited. These programs have proven to minimize worker absenteeism while greatly increasing morale and productivity. We now have a personal trainer who comes to the building every day and leads a fitness program. We also have a nutritionist who is available to consult with us one-on-one. Because of these options, I’ve totally changed my way of life. I now eat healthy and make time to workout every day. My health concerns have disappeared, and I feel better than ever.
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