Fitness is important to successful football team

I coach a successful high school football team. Although our school is extremely small, our teams continue to win championships. My athletes win games because they are properly conditioned. Getting the players into peak physical condition takes hard work and dedication. We start in the pre-season by getting the team together for training. The training sessions are long and strenuous. I have a staff of knowledgeable people who work with the boys and teach them proper techniques. We not only concentrate on the plays we run on the fields but prepare the boys in every way. We pay attention to their diets and the amount of sleep they get. We stress the importance of drinking enough water. The warmup portion of their training encompasses all of their joints and muscles. We strive to improve flexibility and balance and avoid injury. Through intense conditioning, we increase speed, strength and mobility. We see the team come together and each player gain endurance. Over the years, I’ve started bringing in outside professionals to add a new dimension to our practices and conditioning. I’ve asked a nutritionist to talk to the boys and help them eat healthy. I’ve had a personal trainer work with them and introduce new exercises that challenge them. These efforts make sure that each athlete is at their best. They feel strong and confident. They are less likely to tire during a challenging game and rise to the occasion. These boys develop healthy habits that stay with them for the rest of their lives. They build character and take pride in their accomplishments.

Personal trainer