Running with my dog

When I got a puppy, I couldn’t wait to go running with her.

At first, the puppy was simply too little.

She tired very easily. Once she grew big enough to run with me, she was terrible about the leash. She’d either pull or get tangled up in my legs. My fitness level is a priority for me. I run to stay in shape, burn calories and elevate my heart rate. Spending the whole time trying to control the dog was discouraging. I also worried about the dog hurting herself because she’d continually race to the end of the leash and jerk against her collar. I finally invested in a different style of harness that is fitted over her snout. If she pulls against the leash, it pulls her entire head upward. This doesn’t hurt her, but she doesn’t like it. She learned very quickly to run at my side. Once the dog got used to it, I was able to put her back into her normal collar and hold the leash loosely. She and I started increasing the distance and pace of our runs. We have worked our way up to four miles. I like to run much further than that, but the dog tires herself out. I often take her for a run and then go for a second run on my own. Just recently, the weather warmed up considerably. I needed to shorten our distance because of the heat. The poor dog was getting overheated and dehydrated. I also realized that the hot pavement was bothering the bottom of her paws. I now make sure to get up earlier and take our run when the temperature is a bit cooler.

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