Selling our once loved family home

It’s hard for me to get our head around the fact that we are selling our family home.

But, I suppose it makes the most sense.

Given the fact that all our kids are now off living their lives, this house just doesn’t make much sense. The size and the way it’s laid out is legitimately meant for a family to occupy. It’s the quintessential family house with a wing for the kids room, a big kitchen and a lovely master suite. It has always been so comfortable with the HVAC idea we’ve had. While a bit long in the tooth, that HVAC idea is still getting the job done for us. However, keeping up with the house puts a lot of work on both my wife and I. We wanted to downsize. So, we put our house on the market. The realtor told us one day one of the things she saw in the house that needed a replacement to fetch the best price. One of those things was to replace the HVAC unit. While I was sort of onboard with several of her suggestions, this one hit me a bit off. But, I kept that to myself. The notion of getting rid of something that was still working, and working well, just didn’t make much sense. However, after doing a bit of research and seeing the comps in this area, I backed up on my position. It became truly clear that the seasoned HVAC unit would have to go in favor of better technology and efficiency. We got that done and a few other replacements it didn’t take long to find a purchaser who would make it a family house once again.

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