I have taken drastic measures to protect the thermostat in my house

I have given up and taken some really drastic measures to keep other people from adjusting the thermostat system in my house.

You might think that it sounds a little bit crazy, but last weekend I went and bought one of those clear boxes with the key on it so that I could start locking down my thermostat system! When I went to the local home improvement store to find one of those boxes, you should have seen the look on the face of the guy who was working in the heating and cooling supply aisle.

I told him that I needed to lock my thermostat unit up from my family and I guess I sounded a little bit like a weirdo. I didn’t care, though. I told him that I was just fed up with my kids and how they think that they can lower the A/C whenever they feel like it. It’s not like I am a super controlling person, either. I just can’t afford to pay so much for cooling bills every single month. I have a very strict budget set up for my heating and cooling bills, and the kids just keep ruining it. I know that it’s kind of a drastic measure to actually lock up my thermostat from my kids, but I don’t know what else to do. I’ve told them over and over not to mess around with my HVAC settings, but they just won’t listen to me when I talk about it! I guess we will see what they think after we get this plastic lock box installed on top of the thermostat!
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