Landlord using shortcuts to fix air quality systems

When the last leaseholder moved out, our property owner was in a hurry to have the next leaseholder transfer in! I found the condo a month after the last leaseholder had moved out, and I requested the property owner to take his time to renovate the house, then after paying the deposit, I waited for another 2 weeks to transfer in, and the labor was shoddy and I couldn’t turn back because I had given the notice to vacate our previous dwelling.

The Heating plus Air Conditioning service wasn’t complete by the time I moved in.

The A/C workman I found performing the a/c upgrade confirmed to me that he was working there for the minute day straight. The Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment he was installing arrived late and I wasn’t supposed to see them either, and when he was done, the property owner did not bother to inspect his labor and being a novice, I couldn’t tell if it worked well until I noticed the radiant heating system wasn’t radiating enough heat however the cooling system worked perfectly, then my calls to the property owner went unanswered, so I took it upon myself to find an Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor from a nearby Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor to come and assess the air quality systems. It turned out the supposedly new Heating plus Air Conditioning was nowhere near quality Heating plus Air Conditioning. The seer ratings were much lower than expected! His advice was that I get a portable space heating system and possibly sign up for an A/C service plan. I took his advice because there was no way I was going to convince the property owner to undo the mess, let alone be able to afford the equipment myself.