The representative didn’t know that I already wanted to be an HVAC technician

The guy representing the HVAC company didn’t know that I wanted to be an HVAC technician, and that is why he spent the better part of thirty minutes trying to convince me that I needed to become an HVAC technician.

He wasted his time because I already want to become an HVAC technician. I tried to tell him that I was already planning to become an HVAC technician multiple times while he was talking to me, but I think that he was convinced that I immediately was not interested, and he was determined to layout every argument that he had for becoming an HVAC technician before I got a chance to cut him off and tell him to stop talking. He told me about all of the benefits that come with being an HVAC technician. He told me about how the HVAC company will provide all of the training that you need to become an HVAC technician. I wouldn’t have to go to college or pay for anything for my training. He told me about how HVAC technicians have awesome job security. Since HVAC technicians are in short supply, HVAC companies are willing to pay top dollar for any HVAC technicians that they can find. Furthermore, HVAC technicians have a pretty neat job. He finished his whole spiel but still looked like he knew that I was going to turn him down. However, I waited patiently and eventually told him that I already planned to be an HVAC technician. The look on his face once I told him that was priceless!
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