I’m not a fan

My living room area is currently heated by a compact, ventless gas heater, however because the condo is nearly 200 years seasoned and lacks conventional ductwork, it’s problematic to heat and cool, and the advantage of the little gas furnace is that it doesn’t take up much area or require any other types of capabilities, and despite the small size, it puts out a great deal of heat! With easily long winters and temperatures well below zero, the ventless gas furnace carries an easily demanding workload! I’m not entirely satisfied with it.

It is a single stage heater, which means that it can only operate at the highest possible capacity.

There is no way to adjust the speed. The gas furnace is either on or off. When the temperature in the study room drops below the control component setting, the gas furnace kicks on. It then blasts a tremendous amount of easily boiling air non stop; Once it achieves the desired temperature level, the gas furnace shuts down and blows frigid air to cool itself down. This creates easily unpleasant temperature swings. The ventless gas furnace features several separate air filters that need to be consistently cleaned. I make sure to disinfect them at least once per month. If even a small amount of dust accumulates in the screens of the filters, an orange light flashes on the control panel of the heater. When this happens, the gas furnace will no longer shut itself down. It simply runs non stop until I manually shut it off. I’m upset that the unit will get very warm and create a safety threat. There’s also the issue that the gas furnace causes an oily film on our windows. I have a set of French doors separating our study room from the bedroom. Each of the numerous doors features 12 small panes of glass that I frequently need to wipe off.


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