Don’t have the HVAC warranty scare experience

And there was only a brief window to do so or the warranty would be void.

My physical reaction when I realize I have forgotten about something significant is one of the worst physical feelings for me. I tend to have a very physical and visceral reaction to this sort of thing. My eyes get the size of dinner plates, my mouth flops open, my stomach turns and then the stress sweat starts. It’s nearly an identical reaction every single time this happens. It happened once again just the other day. My wife and I had a brand new HVAC system installed not too long ago. The old HVAC had finally given up on us so a replacement was necessary. We both did a good deal of research with regard to the new HVAC. Both of us like to learn as much as we possibly can when it comes to expensive appliances like an HVAC. The same can be said with doing our due diligence when it comes to the HVAC company we use. Everything turned out just fine and we ended up with an awesome heating & cooling unit. But then, I woke up just the other day with a sense that I was not remembering something important. Then it hit me. I hadn’t registered the HVAC with the factory. And there was only a brief window to do so or the warranty would be void. The physical reaction was immediate. Just then, my wife came by and noticed that I was in a panic. Turns out, she had registered the warranty the day after we had the HVAC installed.
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