Singles Bars as well as Grocery Stores

One reason I’m still single is that I write as well as talk much better than I look.

I have to bribe our way into a trendy night club while hordes of more attractive people enter for free. I’ve also noticed that I become more alluring to the ladies as they consume more adult drinks. A 1974 country song titled, “Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time” may apply to myself and others in an odd gender switch! In recent years I’m not the only a single who has noticed that the cool comfort of the grocery store is replacing the sizzling hormone as well as possibly drug-fueled atmosphere of the singles bar… Some groceries feature a bar where people can relax as well as socialize before or after they pick up some groceries as well as perhaps a companion for the night. There’s always pleasant background music allowing a single to have a enjoyable conversation instead of flopping around on the dance floor to the latest hip-hop accompaniment. I credit the store’s current Heating as well as Air Conditioning as well as refrigeration systems that keeps clients cool, keeps frozen foods from thawing, maintains meats at about 40 degrees F, as well as vegetables at less than 55 degrees F. The store’s Heating as well as Air Conditioning system also must safely detach heat from any in-store cooking component while allowing the bakery aromas to saturate the air. This provides the ideal weather conditions for seasoned bachelors who still get sad approaching a prospective lunch date. The cool air will hide any beads of sweat as well as a wonderful pick-up line in the grocery store is to ask your potential date if she knows which aisle a gourmet item can be found. All of us want fish to be fresh, however don’t be “fresh” yourself because a slap is still a usual rebuff in most venues, even grocery stores.

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