Flat Earthers and HVAC

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Flat Earth Society members believe that we live on a flat disc under a dome.

They claim that the mountainous and hard to reach polar ice caps are an icy circular barrier that keeps people away from the dome.

One believer was Mike Hughes, a daredevil and flat-Earth conspiracy theorist. He recently launched a steam-powered homemade rocket to prove the Earth was flat. We will never know if he collected data to disprove what Eratosthenes discovered about 2200 years ago because his rocket failed, and Hughes perished in the crash. Former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal once said that he drove from Florida to California and it seemed flat to him thus proving that people believe what they want to believe. There are some myths about a home’s central heating and cooling system that even Flat Earthers dismiss. Believing that a change of HVAC filters is only needed one time a year could result in expensive consequences. Better check them once every few months to ensure that the proper airflow is maintained. Another common belief is that the bigger the HVAC unit is, then the better it is to keep your house cool. That belief is challenged with high energy costs and premature equipment failure. If Flat Earthers are willing to launch themselves in a home-made rocket, they probably think that routine HVAC maintenance is optional, easy to do, and is a DIY activity. They may forget about the refrigerants, electrical components, fuels, and moving parts that must be inspected and tested regularly by a qualified HVAC technician. For me, if the Earth is truly flat, I want to get some of that window cleaner that must be used on that dome to keep it spotless!

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