Smart thermostat alerts me when A/C stops working

I was at work when I got an alert on my phone.

I checked it.

The alert was from my smart thermostat at home. It was telling me that my home was over 80 degrees. I tried turning the thermostat down remotely but my house stayed at 80 degrees. I had noticed that it was kind of warm that morning when I was getting ready for work but I hadn’t thought much of it. However when I checked my smart thermostat again, on my phone, I saw that it was now 81 degrees and climbing. I called my HVAC supplier and scheduled an air conditioning repair then I explained the situation to my boss. Thankfully my boss was understanding and let me go home to check on my cat. When I got home my cat was just fine. She was stretched out on the cool linoleum floor in the kitchen to cool off though. It was hot in the house. Thankfully the HVAC supplier showed up about an hour after I got home. They fixed my air conditioner rather quickly and the house started cooling off again. My cat got comfortable again too. I am really happy I was able to take care of it that same day. I am grateful that my smartphone alerted me to this temperature extreme. I had set it to alert me. Thank God I did. If not, I wouldn’t have known my air conditioner had broken down until I got home from work. By then my poor cat would have really been suffering. It also might have been too late to get an HVAC supplier out that same day.

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